Coaching Soft-Ball Grades (Have-A-Go, Year2/3 and Year 4):

Have-A-Go grade especially is more about games and fun that real cricket. The main object with children this age is to keep them occupied and having fun. Cricket skills are very basic for first time or very young players. If by the end of the season you have them holding the bat correctly and standing properly, bowling overarm (even if standing still) and throwing reasonably straight from the field you will have been successful as a coach. This year the club will issue goals for coaches, which will help them focus on what is important to teach.

Midget grade introduces more skills. Here the bowling becomes more accurate, a run up is normal and ideally few ‘wide’ balls are bowled. Batters should be starting to move to the ball and place their front foot correctly. Emphasis is given to batting with a straight bat and not ‘slogging’. Basic wicket-keeping skills are introduced along with accurate throwing and backing-up in the field.