JCUH uses the CricHQ scoring app to score games from Year 4 and above. Once you score with the CricHQ app, you will never want to use the manual system again. To activate:

  • Download App from I-Tunes., Google Play, Windows Phone store, or the Nokia Store (I-Tunes is better)
  • Request a login and password from JCUH to score your grade. (jcuh.info@gmail.com, only JCUH logins can score JCUH games via CricHQ's competition management system.)
  • Instead of creating your own game as in the video, select "From CricHQ Fixture" and the teams, players, location and date are already there.

Top Tips

  • Turn the brightness down on your device to lengthen battery life.
  • Fully charge your device before scoring the game.
  • Download the game on your home wifi before heading to the match. (If your device does not have a sim card, if you forget, you can hotspot to a cell phone with mobile data allowance. Data use is minimal.)
  • Turn off the pitch map function - takes up too much of your time.

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